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Leadership Program
The Gold Coast Karate & Kobudo Centre is committed to developing leaders for the future

Future Leaders

Our leadership program is part of the ICKFA National Leadership program and is a first step towards international instructor qualifications in Chito-Ryu.

Our leaders assist in classes by being a helper for the instructor or in their own classes by setting a high standard for others to emulate.


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Leadership Program

Leadership Program

Gold Coast members are invited into this program in recognition of their excellent effort and thegreat attitude that they consistently demonstrate both in and out of the dojo. As a member of the leadership team, members who are more junior in rank than the leader will look up to the leader as a role model and mentor.

The skills learnt as a leader will not serve the members well in the dojo but also provide valuable skills which assist in the school/work arenas. Within Chito-Ryu potential future opportunities include teaching classes at the Gold Coast Karate & Kobudo centre, teaching in other dojos on the Gold Coast, in Australia and around the world. One day our leaders could even be running their own dojo.

There are 4 stages in the national leadership program, which must be passed through in order to gain international qualifications. Each stage is denoted by a different badge which is worn on the upper right arm of the gi.

Leadership Levels:

  • Leadership Level 1
  • Leadership Level 2
  • Instructors Assistant
  • Trainee Instructor
  • Regular specialised training sessions are held for the leadership group in order to develop teaching, communication and leadership skills.


    Gold Coast Karate & Kobudo Centre has a dedicated leadership program to develop future instructors and leaders in the community

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