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Dedicated Karate Instructors on the Gold Coast teach at the Gold Coast Karate & Kobudo Centre

Qualified Karate Instructors on the Gold Coast teach at the Gold Coast Karate & Kobudo Centre

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The Gold Coast Karate & Kobudo Centre instructors are focused on teaching you and your children real traditional martial arts with a focus on developing great people along with great technique to ensure a healthy body and real karate skills. Teachers are role models and the instructors at the Gold Coast Karate & Kobudo Centre take on this responsibility with the awareness and focus it demands.

We recognise the importance of developing quality instructors for the future so have developed a leadership program that teaches keen students the qualities of leadership and the techniques of teaching/mentoring to ensure our art lives on for many future generations.

Not all instructors are the same, so come see what the Gold Coast Karate & Kobudo Centre has to offer. We are sure you can be confident you have made the right choice by training with us.


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Adam Higgins - Gold Coast Karate & Kobudo Centre instructor

Sensei Adam Higgins

  • Sandan Chito-Ryu Karate-Do
  • Shidoin Chito-Ryu Karate-Do
  • Nidan Matayoshi Kobudo

  • 2013 Soke Cup Dan Masters B Male Kumite Champion
  • 2007 ICKFA Tournament Champion
  • 2011 ICKFA Kumite Champion
  • 2008 ICKFA Kumite Champion
  • 2007 ICKFA Kumite Champion
  • 2005 ICKFA Kumite Champion
  • 2007 ICKFA Kata Champion
  • Sensei Adam Higgins began training in the martial arts in 1992. In 1996 he commenced training in Chito-Ryu karate at the Australian Chito-Ryu honbu (headquarters) under the tutorage of Renshi Brian Hayes, the then honbucho (chief instructor) of the Australian Chito-Ryu Karate Association (ACKA). During this period Sensei Adam gained the rank of Shodan (1st degree black belt) in Chito-Ryu Karate, and Shodan in Matayoshi Kobudo (A traditional Okinawan weapons system). He also gained experience teaching both seniors and juniors in Chito-Ryu karate, Matayoshi Kobudo, and kumite for sports karate.

    In the competition arena Sensei Adam has competed at both a national and international level, winning medals at all levels. He is a regular member of the Queensland Chito-Ryu karate team winning national titles in kata and kumite. His competitive focus is now on coaching students to obtain their full potential.

    Sensei Adam continues to develop his martial arts under the guidance of Soke Sensei. In QLD Sensei Adam regularly trains with Shihan Martin Phillips through regular visits to the Sunshine Coast dojo to continues his learning. He is dedicated towards the promotion of Chito-Ryu karate throughout the Gold Coast and Australia, and is commited to assisting the students of Chito-Ryu develop their martial arts and life skills.



    Anthony Horgan - Gold Coast Karate & Kobudo Centre instructor

    Senpai Anthony Horgan

  • Shodan Chito-Ryu Karate-Do
  • Instructors Assistant

  • 2010 Soke Cup Kyu Mens Kumite Champion
  • 2007 Soke Cup Novice Mens Kata Champion
  • 2007 Soke Cup Novice Mens Kumite Champion
  • 2012 ICKFA Kumite Champion
  • 2010 ICKFA Kumite Champion
  • 2009 ICKFA Kumite Champion
  • Senpai Anthony Horgan was one of the first students of Gold Coast Chito-Ryu Karate, and has trained continuosly since becoming the first home grown black belt on the Gold Coast. Anthony is developing his teaching skills as an assistant instructor and regularly takes on coaching duties at Chito-Ryu tournaments.

    Senpai Anthony competes regularly in Chito-Ryu tournaments with the highlight being a consecutive world champion at Soke Cups.

    Rhys Woodhouse - Gold Coast Karate & Kobudo Centre instructor

    Senpai Rhys Woodhouse

  • Shodan Chito-Ryu Karate-Do
  • Instructors Assistant
  • Senpai Rhys commenced his training at the Sunshine Coast dojo where he developed leadership and teaching skills along side his karate training. After a gap year spent in the army Rhys relocated to the Gold Coast to continue his Chito-Ryu journey



    Monica Lester - Gold Coast Karate & Kobudo Centre instructor

    Monica Lester

  • Chito-Ryu Karate-Do
  • Matayoshi Kobudo
  • Monica Lester was one of the first adult female students at Gold Coast Chito-Ryu Karate and forged the path for many other woman to follow. A diligent student of karate and kobudo, Monica understands what is required to achieve success and enjoys helping others to achieve their goals.




    Gold Coast Karate Instructors

    Satisfaction guaranteed at Gold Coast Karate
    ".....we’re moving to Brisbane. We’ve been hoping to do that for a while, we’ve put an offer on a place which settles Jan 31st. We’ve had interviews at a private school for the kids, which went well. They do Japanese as the 2nd language. Scout was very proud in the interview that he could count to 10 in Japanese, thanks to Karate!

    You can probably guess that means that due to the distance, it’s not practical for us to train with you anymore. Which I’m quiet disappointed about. There are karate classes at the new school, and we’ll keep training… but it won’t be the same. I’ve been doing martial arts long enough to know when I’ve stumbled upon something special.

    Training with you made me feel like a complete amateur. Which got me a little down on myself at one point, but then I realised I’ve had a 10 year break, of course I’m going to be “rusty”, and how exciting it was that there was so much to learn and so many things I could improve on. You’ve got a true gift, as a Karateka and as a teacher. It’s inspired me to become a martial artist again, rather than that being “something I used to be”.

    Scout had so much fun at Karate camp, it was such a great father-son bonding time, we’re really going to miss that this year.

    Going to miss training with you, thanks for being tolerant and understand with me and my crazy little boy!

    Best Regards,



    Guest Instructors - Gold Coast Karate & Kobudo Centre instructor

    Special Guest Instructors

    Each year we are fortunate to have guest instructors from Japan and from other regions within Australia. Since the opening of the Gold Coast Chito-Ryu Karate dojo, guest instructors have included:

  • Soke Sensei (Supreme Instructor of the International Chito-Ryu Karate-do Federation) annually
  • Tanaka Sensei (Senior Instructor from ICKF Headquarters) in 2006 & 2008
  • Naoyuki Chitose Sensei (Soke Sensei's eldest son and future Chito-Ryu Soke) 2006
  • Noonan Honbucho (Australian chief instructor)
  • Phillips Shihan (QLD chief instructor)
  • We look forward to similar visits in the years to come as we continue to build the strong relationships with the Australian Chito-Ryu and our international headquarters in Kumamoto, Japan.







    Quality Karate Instructors on the Gold Coast teach at the Gold Coast Karate & Kobudo Centre

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