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Childrens Karate Classes on the Gold Coast

Kids Karate Classes on the Gold Coast

Kick start your child's life

The Gold Coast Chito-Ryu Karate Little Champions Karate Program is a unique program designed from the ground up especially to introduce young children (4-7 years of age) to the benefits of martial arts.

The program incorporates the basics of karate, self defense, coordination, flexibility, exercises in mental focus, respect and courtesy are stressed in order to develop a child's basic learning skills.

The Little Champions Karate Program has been developed collaboratively by professional child educators, professional martial artists and parents to give children a fun, interesting and rewarding introduction into martial arts. The teaching approach, grading system and the syllabus are designed to suit the learning needs of young children.


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Why Should Your Child Do Karate?

Karate is great for:

  • Confidence
  • Respect
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Fitness
  • Self-Defence
  • and its fun!
  • Our Children our Future

    We view karate as a means for developing skills for life; our program develops healthy lifestyle habits through regular exercise, self motivation, focus and confidence. Through training in karate your child will learn respect for themselves and for others, key components of a happy healthy lifestyle.

    The karate ranking system is a natural way of developing leaders, the responsibility of the senior belts to provide a good example and to help the younger belts is an important component of the Little Champions Karate and forms an important part of developing the leadership skills that will develop strong leaders for the future.

    Karate Little Champion Jorja Higgins with her mum at the Gold Coast Open Day

    Satisfaction guaranteed at Gold Coast Karate

    "Jorja's confidence has grown so much in the short time she has been doing karate. Every chance she gets she wants to show all our friends and relatives what she has learnt.

    It is amazing how Sensei Adam gets all the kids to behave so well with out yelling, they all seem to want to do the right thing. When he calls for them to line up they all run straight to their places and stand very still!

    Jorja has so much fun during the classes and has made some great friends that she can't wait to see again, it is easy to get her to class each night.

    Thank you everyone at the Gold Coast Karate centre, keep up the great work."

    Sheryl Higgins

      Childrens karate located on the Gold Coast

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