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Family Karate Classes on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Karate classes where the whole family can train together

Put a Kick in Your Family

Karate is a great activity that the whole family can do together. The techniques and skills required for each level are the same regardless of age so everyone can work together to progress.

Gold Coast Chito-Ryu Karate encourages families to train together at home and also provides a special class just for families!


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Why Should My family Do Karate?

A great family activity:-

A common interest brings families closer together, with Gold Coast Karate’s Family Karate program you can take that common interest a step further and do karate together! Unlike many other sports or activities, Mum and Dad can get involved with the kids, rather than watch from the sidelines.

Karate is an activity that puts all ages on the same level, together you can work on your karate technique and set goals together. Imagine the pride on your child’s face as they work with you to help learn your new kata. Through working together you can share the exhilaration of success as a result of your combined effort.

The Family Classes at Gold Coast Karate are conducted in fun interactive way with exercises specifically designed to allow parents and children to work together. Our Family classes have dads and mums with their children, siblings training together, and husband and wife’s all together in the same class.

Our Family Classes are so much fun that many of our members train in their age specific classes as well as the family class.

The Lenton family enjoying learning karate together

Satisfaction guaranteed at Gold Coast Karate
"We originally investigated martial arts options for ourselves and our young children. After extensive research it was clear that the Chito Ryu style, and Gold Coast Karate and Kobudo Centre in particular, offered exactly what we were looking for: a traditional form of karate that would teach us and our children confidence, discipline and self defence in a safe environment that would still allow us to really test ourselves. Being able to train as a family has brought all of us closer together and allows us to set a strong example for our kids. Sensei Adam has an excellent way with the children and helps them reach their potential through calm instruction and encouragement - no yelling or negativity. My kids' teachers have commented that they show greater concentration and confidence at school since starting at Gold Coast Karate and Kobudo Centre.

The friendly, family environment also gives us as adults the confidence to try new things, with every member of the dojo being very supportive and helpful at all times. As a result we have found ourselves doing things we would never have imagined and we are having heaps of fun doing it!"

kindest regards,

John & Sam Lenton



A great family activity - Gold Coast Karate's Family Karate Classes

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