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2017 QLD Chito-Ryu Karate State Titles


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The 2017 QLD Chito-Ryu Karate State Titles is being held at the Trinity Lutheran Senior Campus on Ashmore Road on Sunday 29 October 2017

The tournament provides an opportunity for Chito-Ryu Karateka to test their skills and spirit with kata, team kata, kumite and kumite tag divisions.

Entry is open to all Chito-Ryu Karateka from all levels of experience with divisions for beginners through to advanced levels. Our Little Champions (4-7yrs) have the opportunity to compete in a special event the Kumite Tag division which is perfect for those not yet confident enough to do for kumite.

Sponsorship Opportunity

The 2017 QLD Chito-Ryu Karate State Titles is run by the Gold Coast Chito-Ryu Karate Club Inc. The club runs the event as an opportunity to allow our members to compete in a local tournament and as an opportunity to raise funds for the ongoing support of the members. We would love the help of our members, plus members and local businesses to make the event a success through sponosrship of the tournament.

Sponsorship opportunites include sponsoring events, divisions or the whole tournament. If you are interested in Sponsoring the 2017 QLD Chito-Ryu Karate State Titles then please contact a club committee member for a sponsorship pack.

The tournaments are run under the Chito-Ryu karate tournament rules with both kata and kumite divisions for all ages and skill levels.

Kata Competition
Katas are pre-arranged forms where the competitor users karate techniques (waza) against imaginary opponents. By practicing katas, the karateka develops not only fighting techniques but also fighting spirit. The kata is performed in front of judges who are looking to see that the karateka has not only developed perfect form and technique, but is able to demonstrate the intensity and commitment that would occur if the karateka was actually using the waza against a real opponent.

Kumite Competition
Bogu kumite is controlled full contact sparring which uses the protective equipment developed by the founder of Chito-Ryu karate, Dr Chitose (O'Sensei). O'Sensei had considerable fighting experiance throughout his life, he was well aware of the dangers of actually using karate techniques. He was however against the practise of 'pulling short' techniques in competition as this developed poor inefficient techniques. Wanting his students to develop real fighting skills in a safe environment he developed the idea of using protective equipment in tournaments. The use of protective equipment in competition we know as bogu kumite. The bogu kumite match is decided by the competitor with the most points after a set time limit, In the case of a tie the winner is declared to be the competitor with the greater fighting spirit and skills as decided by the judges. If the judges are unable to decide a winner the match goes into extra time (encho-sen) with the first competitor to score being declared the victor. In order to score, the competitor must direct a clean, powerful technique, a 'killer blow' to one of the designated areas on the opponent. Through the understanding and performance of kumite the karateka learns about timing (hyoshi), distance (ma-ai), body evasion (tai sabaki), and the correct use of techniques (waza).